The Faulkner House and other bookstores

Hello readers.


Living in Louisiana has it’s perks sometimes and in this case it is proximity to New Orleans. My most recent trip to the historical city was longer then most and afforded me time to explore some of the old and unique bookstores the city houses. Among these was a store called The Faulkner House. It was most notable for housing some really unique first edition and signed books.

Faulkner house

I asked about the Faulkners, Vonneguts, and other famous others before realizing these books were way outside my price range when singed and first edition. Some were well over $5000! I eventually worked my way down to a personal favorite author of mine and purchased a first edition signed copy of “Moonglow” by Michael Chabon. He is a Pulitzer Prize winning author and I am happy to have snagged the book at what I consider a deal.

So do any of you collect books? What is your favorite, signed or not signed, first edition or not? I love the aesthetic of books and collect them myself with my favorite being either this book or a first edition Vonnegut book signed by the editor (the Vonnegut signed ones are quite a bit more!).

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