Hello reader. Or writer. Hello whomever?

I have been thinking of what the “correct” words would be to put here and have drawn some immediate blanks though I am working on it.

I am David Fuelleman Horton aka D.F. Horton. I am an aspiring writer, tech lover, and dog owner. I am happily married and have 4 dogs, Ashe, Stitch, Puck, and Rexxar. I don’t doubt that if you peruse this page a lot you will see pictures of one or all of these little rascals as they are a big part of my life.

The authors I aspire to be like are those that I would consider my favorite and potentially the reason I am here. The books and stories they provided not only entertained me but often helped me through tough times. These authors are Lev Grossman, Garth Nix, and Kurt Vonnegut. I think the first two authors really hit home as to what I want to write about while Vonnegut is partially what, but mostly how. I like the style Vonnegut uses and would really like to show this in my own work.

The most unique thing about me as a writer is that I am not a writer. I am a reader. I have read more books in a year than most people will in their lifetime. The whole idea of writing is foreign to me but it has always been appealing. I guess the most unique thing about me is that I have experience reading so many different (good and bad) stories that I can identify what I want to see in my own work. I think I also will be the biggest critic of myself. I am generally worried about pushing some idea too hard or not enough. I never know when I am just rambling to myself and others have stopped listening or I am sitting quietly and people want to hear from me. It is a personal problem but one I am working on.